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Providing quality patient care is a lasting commitment—one that continues even after the date of discharge. Building and maintaining strong relationships with patients and family members is critical to resolving issues and reducing unnecessary readmissions. The Nexus Health Call Center provides a standardized and centralized approach to discharge phone calls easing the burden on your licensed clinical staff and ensuring patients have the resources they need to continue their recovery at home.

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Think of us as an extension of your patient discharge team. Using your branded name and messaging, our transitional care coordinators provide a cost-efficient solution to ensuring all patients receive follow-up phone calls, eliminating the need to hire additional staff. As necessary, your clinical staff will be informed of immediate patient concerns.

Nexus Health Call Center Features

Our NexusConnexions® proprietary software allows us to provide a range of features to facilitate a smooth transition after discharge, including:

Icon_call_50  Customized telephone scripts, call intervals and agendas

Icon_call_50  Customized escalation path back to your patient discharge team

Icon_call_50  Easily accessible reports showing call volume and outcomes

Icon_call_50  Direct data transfer from your EMR through HL7 (or other data transfer options)

Did You Know?
A recent National Science Foundation study found:


70-80% of patients reached needed assistance post discharge


A centralized call center was 2X as effective as assigning discharge phone calls to unit nurses


30% of all calls intended for the patient were answered by a caregiver

Source: National Science Foundation Study, Journal for Healthcare Quality – March 2017

Nexus Health Resources has worked closely with our clinical and administrative staff to decrease avoidable readmissions. The patients that Nexus Health has assisted have been able to stay healthy at home. Nexus Health has reduced our patients’ readmissions by 50%. This is great for our patients and our hospital.

Scott Batulis
President & CEO
Greater Hudson Valley Health System



Case Study

Some of Our Success Stories

Name: Mary
Age: 77
Condition(s): Hip Replacement

During a routine 48-hour discharge call it was discovered that the patient had not received the prescribed Durable Medical Equipment (DME). A Nexus Health transitional care coordinator initiated a three-way phone call with the DME company to determine why the equipment was not delivered. The issue was resolved and delivery was scheduled for later that day, which allowed the patient to ambulate and work toward recovery.

Name: Tom
Age: 72
Condition(s): CHF

During a 1-week interval discharge call the patient shared that he was having difficulty with bathing. Nexus Health assisted in securing a handicap shower stool and having it delivered to the house.

Name: Chuck
Age: 82
Condition(s): CHF

At two weeks post discharge, Nexus Health transitional care coordinator phoned Chuck to see how things were progressing and asked if he had been weighing himself daily as directed; he admitted he had not weighed himself in a few days. When asked to weigh himself during the call, Chuck reported a 4-pound weight gain. Nexus Health initiated a three-way phone call with Chuck’s primary care physician and the care plan was updated to include a diuretic. Additionally, Nexus Health reinforced the discharge instructions, including a review of Chuck’s low-sodium diet requirements. The quick intervention on weight gain helped to avoid a readmission.

Name: Bruce
Age: 65
Condition(s): CHF, Diabetes

Nexus Health contacted Bruce one week after being discharged with a pneumonia diagnosis. During the call, the patient reported that his blood glucose levels were high. Nexus Health assisted Bruce with securing a same-day appointment with his primary care physician.

Name: Betty
Age: 76
Condition(s): Pneumonia

When following up with Betty 24 hours after discharge, it was discovered that her local pharmacy was out the prescribed antibiotic and she was waiting to hear back. Knowing that without the medication the patient was likely to readmit, Nexus Health transitional care coordinator initiated a three-way call with the pharmacy and Betty to secure the antibiotic. The pharmacist was able to secure the antibiotic from a sister location, thereby reducing the risk of readmission.

Name: Anthony
Age: 77
Condition(s): Knee Replacement

Nexus Health followed up with Anthony 24 hours after discharge from a knee replacement procedure. It was discovered that Anthony had not made an appointment with his primary care doctor because he was unable to drive and didn’t have access to transportation. Nexus Health assisted with securing an appointment with his primary care physician as well as transportation to and from the appointment through a local church volunteer group.