Communicating with Families During COVID-19

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Communicating with Families During COVID-19

Families, understandably, have feelings of anxiety during this time of COVID-19. Regular communication with families regarding your team’s commitment to safety and vigilance can provide them with emotional support and calm fears. Nexus Health Resources offers options for family communication that are comprehensive, easy, and affordable. Allowing Nexus Health to assist with this communication allows your staff to focus on other key priorities during this difficult time.


Family Communication Options


Zero implementation

(just send Nexus a report from your EMR)

Contact family members using all available phone numbers

Update family members with regulatory announcements

Receive reports indicating date and time of reached family members

Minimal commitment with open ended contract

Easy for family members

(no need to download apps or login to software)

Add multiple questions to measure family member’s satisfaction or concerns

Receive real-time alerts for family members concern or complains

Increase positive Google reviews

CoreQ patient satisfaction questions

Live calls from the

Nexus Call Center

Automated calls with your or a professional voice

get started in 3 steps