Home Health Agencies

Home Health Agencies

Home health is often playing the role as “unofficial” care coordinator, maintaining direct contact with the patient and alerting all other members of the care continuum on the patient’s status, and successes. With NexusConnexions, your home health team can formally deliver care coordination services, and receive a new revenue stream for this service, through:

  • Customizable communication plan templates that provide care coordinators with tactical communication actions and due dates, like reminder calls with clinical teach back, specific to each patient.
  • Automated assignment, or stratification, of communication plan templates based on patient’s clinical condition(s) and other factors.
  • Communication activity coaching for care coordinators with suggested scripts that change based on patient response and empower non-clinical staff to effectively influence patient behavior.
  • Customizable reporting and dashboards of care coordinator and patient performance that provide key operational insights to care coordinators and management teams.

ROI: Benefits of Adopting NexusConnexions


Cost Savings

Reduce payroll expenses by effectively tasking non-clinical team members

Increase revenue with more referrals through better resident data and outcomes

Increase revenue by building relationships with residents and becoming their provider of choice

Optimize reimbursement from “at-risk” contracts through better care plan adherence during the entire “at-risk” period

Productivity Savings

Reduce staff time on care coordination activities by attributing appropriate level of communication to residents based on level of need

Reduce staff time on inefficient tracking and reporting of care coordination activities

Reduce staff time developing and maintaining care coordination best practices, policies, and procedures

Reduce time spent by management enforcing consistent messaging delivered to residents from a team of care coordinators