Post Discharge Education Post Acute

Nexus Health Academy R (300 dpi)

Post-discharge Education for

Patients and Caregivers

It is a challenge to ensure patients and their caregivers understand and retain key information regarding their disease condition, discharge plan and when to ask for help. Often, patients still do not feel well enough to remember at the time of discharge, or they are focused on leaving the skilled nursing facility and can digest only so much information. Nexus Health Academy solves this challenge by texting and email engaging videos to both patients and caregivers over the first few weeks after discharge.

Portrait of an old woman with two adult daughters.

Patient Version

Patients version

Family Version

Family version

Sample Caregiver Video

The Nexus Health Academy Features for Skilled Nursing Facilities


Allow patients to better understand and
manage their condition at home


Profile brief but informative videos via email or text

at key times during the recovery process


Educates patients and loved ones on how to recognize

important warning signs and symptoms


Emphasizes the importance of care plan tasks, such as

taking medications and attending follow-up appointments