NexusConnexions® Transitional Care Software Helps Greystone Bring Home the Gold

NexusConnexions® Transitional Care Software Helps Greystone Bring Home the Gold

Successful transitional care coordination has never been more important than it is right now—and Greystone Healthcare Management understands that better than most. They recently earned the 2017 McKnight's Excellence in Technology Gold Award for establishing the role of Transitional Care Coordinator at their facilities in order to more effectively manage resident transitions.

With the recent shift in health care reimbursement models toward value-based care, reducing the number of unnecessary hospital readmissions is absolutely critical for skilled nursing facilities. Greystone recognized this and created the Transitional Care Coordinator role to oversee all aspects of post-discharge follow-up and assist patients with successfully re-entering the community.

What role did Nexus Health Resources play?

When developing the role of Transitional Care Coordinator, Greystone partnered with Nexus Health Resources to deploy our NexusConnexions proprietary software within their network of skilled nursing facilities. The automated platform allowed Transitional Care Coordinators to track and manage daily transitional care activities (such as taking medications and attending follow-up appointments) and provide key metrics back to referring hospitals, ACOs and managed care organizations to confirm their continued engagement with patients.

As a result, Greystone was able to significantly reduce hospital readmissions during the critical period following discharge. Not only that, but NexusConnexions enabled them to demonstrate to referral sources exactly what steps resulted in preventing unnecessary readmissions.

Are you ready to see award-winning results with NexusConnexions?
We look forward to showing you how NexusConnexions can help your facility like we helped our partners at Greystone Healthcare Management. Let us introduce you to a simpler, more streamlined solution to supporting transitional care coordination and ensuring better health outcomes for all of your patients. Click here to learn more or request a demo today.

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