Patient and family caregiver engagement with mobile condition-specific content and resources.

It is a challenge to ensure patients and their caregivers understand and retain key information regarding their disease condition, discharge plan and when to ask for help. Often, patients still do not feel well enough to remember at the time of discharge, or they are focused on leaving the skilled nursing facility and can digest only so much information. Nexus Health Academy solves this challenge by texting and email engaging videos to both patients and caregivers over the first few weeks after discharge.


Patient education includes condition-specific red and yellow flags that indicate a decline in condition and when to inform the care team.

Family Caregiver

Family caregiver education includes the same content as the patient version along with helpful videos for the family caregiver’s role.

Extend Family Relationships Beyond the Discharge to Home

Family members play a key role in the future care needs of their loved ones. Nexus makes it easy to send them helpful content to communicate your commitment to the well being of their loved one in a resource that makes it easy for them to contact you in the future.

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