We assist hospital and health systems by ensuring coordinated, quality health care during the transition to home.

The Nexus Health Call Center® makes live calls to patients after discharge to optimize their transition from hospital to home and ensure the best possible outcomes. Our U.S.-based team follows customizable call agendas that can be configured by variables such as diagnosis, payer, or risk score so the needs of each patient are optimally addressed. The Nexus Health Call enter also follows customized escalation paths to report in real time and alert key members of the team when further intervention is necessary.

Nexus Health Call Center transitional care coordinators make calls on the weekends and evenings to ensure patients’ needs are addressed in a timely manner, especially the critical 24-hour post-discharge call.

Benefits for Hospitals and Health Systems

Nexus Health Call Center Program

  • Schedules PCP follow-up appointments and secures transportation when necessary
  • Ensures prescriptions have been filled and all medication questions have been answered
  • Confirms the home health provider has contacted the patient and there are no concerns regarding visits
  • Confirms DME equipment has arrived and helps with troubleshooting if/when there are delivery issues
  • Identifies changes in clinical condition and escalates concerns to a designated clinical team member
Nexus Health Call Center Program

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