Our Team

Our Leadership Team

  • Virginia Feldman, MD
    Co-founder & Chief Executive Office
    Virginia co-founded Nexus Health in 2013 as a result of seeing the gaps in medicine while working as a surgeon. The mission of supporting patients during the vulnerable transition times of care drove her passion to create Nexus Health. Virginia oversees the strategic development of all operations and product design at Nexus Health.

    Virginia has 25 years of experience in health care. Prior to Nexus Health, she was involved as an entrepreneur in numerous health care businesses.

  • Ryan Sparks

    Ryan Sparks, MS MBA
    Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer
    Ryan co-founded Nexus Health with a passion for identifying and addressing the needs of patients during their transition to home. As Chief Revenue Officer, Ryan is responsible for product design, overseeing client relationships, and business development.

    Ryan has 16 years in the corporate health care field. He has expertise in content development, account management, business development, and sales. These skills allow him to create solutions, drive awareness, and demand generation for Nexus Health Resources.

  • Ancil Castillo

    Ancil Castillo
    Director of Software Development
    Ancil joined Nexus Health in 2019 and brings with him a passion for solving problems with software and technical solutions. Ancil has more than 8 years of experience in technology and immediately saw the opportunity to utilize his skills to solve challenges in the transitional care industry. Ancil oversees all software development, technical support, and technical onboarding of new clients.

  • Cathy Gonzalez

    Cathy Gonzalez
    Director of Nexus Health Call Center
    Cathy joined Nexus Health in 2017 as a transitional care coordinator. She quickly assumed the role of Director of Nexus Health Call Center as she has tremendous leadership qualities. Cathy leads a team of transitional care coordinators and supports their training, quality, and efficiency.

    Prior to Nexus Health, Cathy worked in the health care industry providing assistance with patient claims.

  • Scott Roan
    Co-founder & Partner
    Scott co-founded Nexus Health as he saw the opportunity to make a difference in patient lives by closing the gaps in transitional care. Scott was instrumental in launching the Nexus software platform, NexusConnexions, and remains an important partner on a consultative basis.

    Scott has more than 20 years of experience in software and technology. He brought his wisdom of aligning technology to corporate needs in his role as co-founder.