Nexus Health Resources, a leader in transitional care software and services, announced today that Cantex Continuing Care Network, a fully integrated post-acute care provider, has chosen the company to as vendor of choice for an initial pilot program for transitional care discharge follow up.

Cantex Continuing Care chose to pilot with Nexus Health, in part, because of it’s hybrid approach of automated and live phone call capabilities for discharge follow up with patients at risk of rehospitalization.

“We found that the flexibility in designing a discharge calling program that can be stratified for our patient populations was a key determinant in choosing Nexus Health for this pilot,” said Robin Underhill, CEO of Cantex Continuing Care. “Nexus Health’s hybrid approach of a mix of automated and live calls allows us to test multiple methods to ensure we are providing top quality while responsibly controlling costs. This work furthers our strategy of positioning Cantex Continuing Care as a high-quality provider to our acute care partners.”

Cantex Continuing Care will be utilizing both the award-winning Nexus Health Call Center™ and the company’s proprietary transitional care software, NexusConnexions®. Nexus Health Call Center’s team of transitional care coordinators are supported by the NexusConnexions software as a service (SaaS) platform. NexusConnexions integrates with common post-acute electronic health records and automates the creation and assignment of the key activities for successful transitional care. The system uses patient demographics, risk stratification and diagnosis to automatically deliver call agendas and scripts to guide team members in conducting discharge phone calls, ensuring patients have the care and support necessary for recovery at home.

Nexus Health Call Center has both live and automated calling capabilities. When paired with automated calls Nexus Health Call Center provides back up support should a patient receiving an automated call have an immediate need – this alleviates a potential workflow bottleneck for providers trying to follow up on patient requests that can occur with stand-alone automated calling systems.

“Nexus Health was founded, in part, on the belief that we could create a calling program that lowered the cost for providers performing discharge phone calls while also decreasing readmissions. The integration of automated calls is another step down that path,” said Nexus Health Resources CEO Virginia Feldman, MD. “Pairing automated calls with our live call center allows our customers to use lower cost automated calls for lower risk patients while having a live backup should there be a patient need. Inversely it allows providers to concentrate their live calls with patients that are at a high risk of rehospitalization.”

Nexus Health customers can design discharge call programs that use risk stratification, diagnosis or another unique identifier to schedule either a live or automated phone call. Patients receiving automated calls will be afforded the option to connect with a live Nexus Health Transitional Care Coordinator should they have a question or need regarding their recovery or condition.

“Studies have shown that 70-80% of patients have one or more needs post discharge,” added Feldman. “Providing just the automated call is not enough and creates a potential workflow issue for the provider. Having the Nexus Health team support the automated calls helps the patient get immediate attention with no lag in service or period of uncertainty around their care or condition.”