Nexus Health Resources, a leader in transitional care solutions, was recognized as the vendor partner to Gold Medal Winner Greystone Health Network in the recent McKnights Technology Awards.

Greystone won gold in the Transitions Category for its Transitional Care Coordination program. Greystone utilizes NexusConnexions transitional care software platform as the electronic documentation backbone for the program.

“The thing we are most proud of is decreasing our hospitalizations and have patients end up with more successful outcomes,” Gregg Clavijo-Hopper, VP of Business Development told McKnights. “The goal was to help our patients from becoming sicker and sicker.”

Using NexusConnexions, the Greystone transitional care team is able to automate the assignment of transitional care tasks, document visits and calls and report on outcomes and activities.

“Hospital and post-acute electronic health records do a great job of managing what occurs in with the four walls of the facility,” said Dr. Virginia Feldman, CEO of Nexus Health Resources. “We built NexusConnexions to be an extension of those EHRs allowing providers to have the same work flow efficiencies and data for decision making while working with patients who have been discharged and are transitioning to home.”

Nexus Health Resources is a provider of transitional care solutions for acute and post-acute providers. The company’s software, services and education assist providers with ensuring patients make a smooth transition to the home setting from either an acute or rehabilitation facility thus mitigating the risk of readmission.

“Transitional care is an important component for providers as they transition into value based care,” added Feldman. “NexusConnexions helps ensure high quality of care through the transition to home and also allows post-acute providers access to vital outcome data for our partners to use in closing the communication gap that commonly occurs with acute referral sources.”