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Transitional Care Software

Is your team responsible for the outcomes of an ever-growing population of patients that are no longer under your direct care? Are you prepared to orchestrate and optimized an effective outreach program that can range from 30 to 90 days for each patient? NexusConnexions allows your care transitions teams to expand the number of patients you support through:


NexusConnexions Features

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Patient-Specific Transitional Care Follow-Up Assignments

Automate the assignment of customized transitional care follow-up calls from over 100 disease-specific care plans. Follow-up call assignments can also be customized by the patient’s referral hospital, payer, or readmission risk level.

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Customizable Condition-Specific Scripts

Apply consistency across your team on every communication with scripts that educate the patient on recognizing changes in their condition, responding to those changes, and improving adherence to their plan of care.

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Include Automated Calls between Live Calls

Optimize the efficiency of your team by giving them the option to send automated call reminders that give the patient a one-click option to connect directly with your team.

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Alerts Shared Across the Team

Keep your transitional care coordinators and clinical managers informed about changes in patient status through email alerts and a dashboard menu.

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Demonstrate Post-Discharge Readmission Preventions

Show your payers the value of your post-discharge transitional care programs with details on each intervention from your team that prevented a hospital readmission.

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Provide Details on Patient Reach and Engagement

Provide your payers and internal team with details regarding your successful track record of reaching their patients as well as summarized reports of all the data collected from each patient encounter.

Benefits of NexusConnexions® for Hospitals and Health Systems

Cost Savings

  • Increase revenue by reducing Medicare readmission penalties and avoiding denials/clawbacks from commercial insurance companies
  • Reduce payroll expenses by effectively tasking non-clinical team members with performing and tracking post-discharge follow-up calls
  • Optimize reimbursement by supporting at-risk patients and ensuring care plan adherence during the critical post-discharge period

Organizational Benefits

  • Improve patient outcomes post-discharge
  • Gain insight into transitional care team performance
  • Improve patient feedback and quality measures
  • Protect payer relationships by demonstrating transitional care successes
  • Reduce network leakage