The Digital Health Awards®, an extension of the National Health Information Awards℠, has presented Nexus Health Resources with a Bronze award in the Mobile Digital Health Resources/Responsive Design classification for its Nexus Health Academy solution. Other Bronze award winners include the American Heart Association and the Mayo Clinic.

Nexus Health Academy was created to complement patient outreach efforts by delivering a series of easy-to-understand videos to assist in the recovery process and ensure adherence to the patient discharge plan. The videos are designed for trouble-free viewing on a mobile phone, tablet or computer and focus on key topics such as taking medications, attending follow-up appointments and recognizing important warning signs and symptoms.

“It is the highest honor to see Nexus Health Resources recognized among such influential names in digital health innovation,” says Nexus CEO and co-founder Dr. Virginia Feldman. “By improving health literacy for patients and caregivers and ensuring ongoing communication with the transitional care team, Nexus Health Academy is able to bridge the gap between discharge and home. The result is improved patient outcomes and a significant reduction in hospital readmissions.”

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