Customer Satisfaction is one of the four key quantitative areas outlined in the ongoing AHCA Quality Initiative to further improve the quality of care for patients nationwide. CoreQ Customer Satisfaction Vendors are an integral part of testing and enhancing the questionnaire to ensure it continues to be a reliable and valid method of assessment. For AHCA members, CoreQ results can be uploaded into the LTC Trend Tracker℠ and Nexus Health Resources can do the reporting on their behalf.

“Nexus Health Resources understands the importance of being at the forefront of this important AHCA initiative,” said Nexus Health Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Ryan Sparks. “As a Customer Satisfaction Vendor, we’re able to combine CoreQ questions with our existing post-discharge follow-up questionnaire to provide an accurate measurement of patient and family satisfaction—which brings us one step closer to our goal of better health outcomes across the board.”

Currently in its final testing phase, the CoreQ questionnaire is supported by AHCA and used by numerous post-acute care facilities across the country. It utilizes a 5-point Likert scale to calculate responses and may be used as a stand-alone questionnaire or included in a longer survey. More information can be found at