“Seniority has long recognized the benefits of maintaining communication with our residents after discharge,” said Teresa Bates, VP of Health Services for Seniority, Inc. “Not only is it imperative for maintaining the level care and compassion we are known for, but now more than ever it is crucial as we work toward reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions and improving overall patient care outcomes.”

By signing with Nexus Health Solutions, Seniority, Inc. communities will now have the software to support their existing post-discharge practices. NexusConnexions provides an automated platform for both clinical and non-clinical staff to oversee the day-to-day activities of a transitional care team by creating a tailored agenda for each patient based on individual diagnosis, risk factors and care setting.

“With our NexusConnexions software, Seniority will be able to easily track and manage its entire transitional care life cycle,” said Ryan Sparks, co-founder and CRO of Nexus Health Resources. “It will allow them to see exactly what steps resulted in preventing readmissions, and with NexusConnexions reports they can compare actual and target goals to identify areas for improvement and ultimately help even more residents continue on the path to recovery.”