EmpRes facilities will utilize NexusConnexions® software and the Nexus Health Call Center to support their mission of ensuring the continued well-being and recovery of their patients during the critical transition period after discharge.

MIDDLETOWN, NY (August 4, 2018) – EmpRes Healthcare provides skilled nursing, assisted living, home health, hospice, and home care services across the western United States. The company recently partnered with Nexus Health Resources to advance its transitional care program and improve patient outcomes with the help of NexusConnexions software and the Nexus Health Call Center.

“One of our key goals after helping patients recover and return home is to maximize their functional abilities so they can continue to get better and gain more independence,” said Deb Sanderfield-Hoven, VP of Network Innovations for EmpRes. “Partnering with Nexus Health Resources allows us to strengthen our transitional care program and reduce the risk of unnecessary readmissions.”

NexusConnexions transitional care software allows EmpRes staff to more efficiently manage the day-to-day activities of a transitional care team with a tailored agenda for each patient based on individual diagnosis, risk factors, and care setting. Patient and caregiver interactions are tracked using NexusConnexions reports to compare actual and target goals and see what steps resulted in preventing readmissions. EmpRes will also use the Nexus Health Call Center to handle automated follow-up calls after discharge to confirm patient care plan adherence and facilitate a smooth transition home.

“We look forward to helping EmpRes Healthcare take this important step toward improving transitional care outcomes,” said Ryan Sparks, Co-founder and CRO of Nexus Health Resources. “Now more than ever, making sure patients remain healthy and functional after discharge is critical to improving overall health outcomes across the continuum of care.”

About EmpRes Healthcare Management, LLC

Employee-owned EmpRes Healthcare provides management and consulting services to rehabilitation and post-acute care centers, assisted and independent living communities, and home health, hospice, and home care agencies throughout California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. EmpRes is committed to delivering the highest quality of care with integrity, dedication, and empathy.

About Nexus Health Resources

Nexus Health Resources is a leading provider of transitional care software, services and patient engagement solutions for acute and post-acute care organizations facing the challenge of reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions and total medical spend. Through the Nexus Health Call Center and our proprietary transitional care software platform, NexusConnexions®, we assist providers with ensuring coordinated, quality health care during the important transition period from hospital or rehabilitation facility to home in order to mitigate the risk of readmission. Additionally, Nexus Health Academy promotes patient engagement with condition-specific health literacy for patients and caregivers to assist in guiding recovery at home.


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