MIDDLETOWN, NY (Dec 20, 2018) – Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Breathe Easy provides equipment and respiratory disease management services throughout the southeastern United States. The company partnered recently with Nexus Health Resources and will utilize its NexusConnexions software to further support its mission of improving health outcomes among respiratory patients.

“Whether visiting patients at the hospital, facility or home, our Respiratory Therapists are continually in motion. NexusConnexions allows them to more effectively manage the care and recovery of each patient and simplify the execution of their transition care activities,” said Rose Grindstaff, Chief Operating Officer for Breathe Easy. “This brings us closer to our ultimate goal of helping patients self-manage their condition and enjoy a better quality of life.”

NexusConnexions transitional care software automates the day-to-day activities of a transitional care team. The patent-pending technology automatically assembles a personalized agenda for each patient, providing dialogue suggestions and condition-specific objectives for each communication activity. It allows users to apply proven tactics to positively influence patient outcomes and care plan adherence.

“Breathe Easy is a prime example of why we developed our NexusConnexions software,” said Ryan Sparks, Chief Revenue Officer at Nexus Health Resources. “Managing the care and compliance of respiratory patients in multiple locations requires a sophisticated system able to keep pace with their therapists’ needs and evolve as those needs change. We are continually adding new features and improving the software to ensure NexusConnexions continues to be the premier care coordination platform for our clients.”

About Breathe Easy Respiratory Solutions, Inc.

Dedicated to improving and saving lives, Breathe Easy has developed a holistic disease management program centered around helping patients with chronic respiratory problems. The company provides equipment and respiratory disease management services throughout Tennessee and in select areas of Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi and Virginia. Services provided by Breathe Easy Respiratory Therapists include in-office setups, group classes, and facility or home setups and education sessions.

About Nexus Health Resources

Nexus Health Resources is a leading provider of transitional care software, services and patient engagement solutions for acute and post-acute care organizations facing the challenge of reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions and total medical spend. Through the Nexus Health Call Center and our proprietary transitional care software platform, NexusConnexions®, we assist providers with ensuring coordinated, quality health care during the important transition period from hospital or rehabilitation facility to home in order to mitigate the risk of readmission. Additionally, Nexus Health Academy promotes patient engagement with condition-specific health literacy for patients and caregivers to assist in guiding recovery at home.


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