Hanover Hill Health Care Center in Manchester, New Hampshire has partnered with Nexus Health Resources® to begin using its NexusConnexions software to more efficiently track and manage post-discharge follow-up activities and ensure quality health outcomes for its patients.

“At Hanover Hill, we understand the importance of a strong transitional care program,” said Lori McIntire, Administrator of Hanover Hill Health Care Center. “NexusConnexions provides an automated, highly efficient system for monitoring the progress of patients who have been discharged home so that we can guarantee the best possible health outcomes.”

NexusConnexions transitional care software allows Hanover Hill staff to better manage the day-to-day activities of a transitional care team with a tailored agenda for each patient based on individual diagnosis, risk factors, and care setting. Patient and caregiver interactions are tracked using NexusConnexions reports to compare actual and target goals and see what steps resulted in preventing readmissions.

“One of the primary goals is to help the Hanover Hill team with building confidence in their patients so each patient can have a smooth transition back to home”,” said Ryan Sparks, co-founder and CRO of Nexus Health Resources. “The integration of NexusConnexions software complements that goal by letting them track the at-home recovery of each patient and intervene when necessary to address any issues and ensure their continued success.”

About Hanover Hill Health Care Center

Since 1967, Hanover Hill Health Care Center has been providing award winning quality care to people with a wide range of medical needs. The family owned and operated skilled rehabilitation facility and nursing home in Manchester, New Hampshire specializes in providing short term post-acute rehabilitation and long term care in an elegant 124-bed residence with the comfort and security of home. Hanover Hill Health Care Center is dedicated to providing an environment that enhances the quality of life of its patients.

About Nexus Health Resources

Nexus Health Resources is a leading provider of transitional care software, services and patient engagement solutions for acute and post-acute care organizations facing the challenge of reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions and total medical spend. Through the Nexus Health Call Center and our proprietary transitional care software platform, NexusConnexions®, we assist providers with ensuring coordinated, quality health care during the important transition period from hospital or rehabilitation facility to home in order to mitigate the risk of readmission. Additionally, Nexus Health Academy promotes patient engagement with condition-specific health literacy for patients and caregivers to assist in guiding recovery at home.


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